About the artist Noah Laatar

Born in Erlangen in 1996, Noah Laatar spent his childhood and teenager years in his native town, before eventually starting his academical career as an european management assistant in order to strengthen his economic competence and linguistic qualification.

Towards the end of his apprenticeship, the inspiration he got from popular pop art artists like Alec Monopoly made it clearer he wants to follow a similar path and also become a muse for other upcoming performers. Pop Art quickly casted a spell on him and was never an alien concept for Noah Laatar as he was already very knowledgeable about pop culture, fashion, mass consumption and admass, which all play a fundamental role for this realm.

After he received his training he finally followed his heart and began to deep dive into art completely without any distractions, starting with learning the trade both by theoretical study and daily physical work in his home studio. These modest beginnings helped him to slowly shape the
unique characteristics in his art pieces and fueled his passion for the craft even more.

The language of art

That is why both of these body parts are vital to the craft and countless paintings of artist Noah Laatar. They represent the guiding principle for his artistry. His work of art interconnects childhood memories, dearest wishes,
lavish lifestyles and positive mindsets and as a result succeeds in reminding people of their dreams and aspirations.

Hence, the combination of the organ of speech, which stands for the pure human nature, and classic pop art symbols, is characteristic for his artworks. By contextualizing both of these units differently, Noah Laatar attempts to reflect on every person being able to achieve everything they strive for.

But of course his pieces also signify the belief in a better world, where each and every one of us is on the same level of vibration. No one is better than another. Every individual has their own meaningful personal identity and history.

where the INSPIRATION comes from

Noah Laatar has always been a music and fashion enthusiast, wherefrom he takes a lot of his creativity. His inspirations range from artists like Takashi Murakami and pop art legend Andy Warhol.

Both the things he love and his role models are merged in his artistic expression and create the oeuvre he has to offer at this point in time: colorful combinations portraying hope and trust, positivity and faith, tolerance and acceptance, dreams and achievement.

That is why he is not only drawing the attention of art connoisseurs to himself. Almost everyone can identify with him and look behind the facade of what is shown with paintbrushes. Often, the message is more transparent than it might seem at first.

the provocative Art

Noah Laatar is convinced that the primary purpose of art is to be great fun and to prompt uplifting feelings. Hence, his pieces may also often be provocative, but always deliver thoughtfulness and a rich subtext, which successfully aroused the interest of several musicians, youtubers and football players.

The multilayered approach is also reflected in his
technique: a hybrid of spray, oil-based and acrylic paint.

The artist for remarkable people

Noah laatar has worked with many well-known personalities including Jbalvin (reggeaton artist), Dennis Schröder (NBA Basketballplayer), ICrimax (Gaming youtuber) and many more.

exhibitions & Events

Car dealer Zitzmann


Agora Gallery New York City


Charity Vernissage Nuremberg


Baodt Gallery Frankfurt

Unknown location

Unknown location

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