The mouth and the lips are the gateway to every human being.

There is nothing more expressive. Thousands of emotions are communicated from there, both verbally and non-verbally.

Known from


Luxury Art

Dive into a world of uniqueness

New York, Miami, Dubai, London, Milan and many, many more. Inquiries from galleries all over the world. Customers from various countries. Noah Lataars stylistic direction never ceases to amaze art connoisseurs around the globe, and brings together people from different nations with his unique design language.

THe Story behind

Pop art is an art based on modern popular culture
and the mass media, especially used as a critical or
ironic tool for commentary on traditional fine art
values. As Noah Laatar is a millennial he grew up in
a world of technological progress and mass
consumption. Being up-to-date with current
events, is elementary for making a difference in
the art sector. As a really fashion-oriented person
who is familiar with branding and consuming, he
sets himself apart from other artists who have no
idea what is really going on in the new world and
shows he is truly one of a kind with every painting.

Unique Artworks

scarf 2030

(art and design)

frosted burglary

(100x80cm, acrylic and spraypaint on canvas)


see no evil

(art and design)

japanese love

(70x70cm, acrylic and spraypaint on canvas)

soul mutation

(90x90cm, acrylic on canvas)

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